Sunday, February 8, 2009

Michigan State's Strong Second Half Lifts Them Past IU 75-47

Michigan State won much less impressively than the final score showed. Indiana hung around in the first half and at one point, was only losing 33-30 before Michigan State pulled away. The Spartan offense looked uninspired with the exception of Draymond Green and Chris Allen. These two provided bench support for our starters who struggled.

Player of the Game: Draymond Green 15 points (5-5 FG), 12 rebounds in 20 minutes

What Went Well For the Spartans
1) Draymond Green - This was the game where Izzo's reluctance to go with Gray for significant minutes paid off for Draymond Green. He was a monster out there and provided an inside force for the Spartan attack. He was perfect from the floor finishing 5-5 and had 12 rebounds. I never thought that he would be capable of a game like this in his first year.
2) Turnovers - The Spartans took good care of the rock during this game. They turned it over just 10 times, while Indiana coughed it up 21 times. That will help our horrendous in conference turnover margin.
3) Points In the Paint - Michigan State outscored IU 30-18 in points in the paint. There seemed to be an emphasis to dump it down low to the big guys this game. I think we need more of this to become an efficient offense.

What Didn't Go So Well
1) Durrell Summers - He is starting to look like Dr. Jackal and Mr. Hyde. He finished 1-11 from the field incluiding 0-8 from behind the arc. Chris Allen's 4-6 performance from behind the 3-point line helped overshadow Durrell's poor performance. Kudos to Izzo for recognizing that Allen was feeling it and for sticking with him.
2. Kalin Lucas - It was his second straight game where he struggled with his shot. He finished 4-15 from the floor. Hopefully he finds his shooting touch as we will need it on Tuesday in Ann Arbor. It's an interesting time for the Free Press to come out with this article saying how Lucas could be the next Mateen. It also, for no obvious reason, mentions the city of my high school's biggest rival in it. Weird.
3. Delvon Roe at the Line - Note to all announcers: We know that his form is good. We don't care how good he looks if he doesn't make the shots. He finished 3-9 from the line and if he doesn't improve, we won't be able to have him on the floor late in games.
4. Rebounding - Of course this is all relative, but IU did a very good job rebounding the ball against us. Going in, I recognized that they were a good rebounding team. MSU edged Indiana 38-33 for the game. If I knew that the rebounding margin was going to be this close before the game started, I don't know if I would have picked us to win.

"We didn't have a lot of energy coming out -- it's not that we underestimated them, but that's just sometimes how it is. Coach always tells guys coming off the bench that they have to bring energy, so that's what I tried to do."
--Draymond Green

It's a great place; it's a great atmosphere. I was really overwhelmed. There were cheers, and that meant a lot. To be here and be part of building that program back up ... greatest memories of my life."
--Tom Crean

That's Ridiculous
1) Devan Dumes - The only thing worse than him throwing three elbows in one game was the fact that it took three occurences before he got tossed. What was he thinking? Was he just that flustered that he had to resort to that? In my opinion, the second and the third elbows were just as bad as Devin Harris' last week.
2) IU Attendance - The announcers mentioned several times about how IU's attendance had actually increased during their latest losing streak and what an accomplishment that was. Well, why don't they mention that IU has made all balcony seats $5 for the first time ever in school history. Can you imagine it only costing $5 to get for the Spartans? That would be great.

Tomorrow - More Indiana Post Game.

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  1. Green had a great game no doubt and was a huge help off the bench. I just hope it wasn't a fluke and when games are close especially against tougher opponents, he can step up and come through with some help.

    Glass-Half Full
    Sterling Heights, MI


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