Thursday, February 12, 2009

Should I Buy 'Em?

The Spartans had a day off on Wednesday, thus I don't really have any real things to write about today. So, instead, I thought that I would ask you all where you see Michigan State ending up with regards to seeding for the Tournament. Will they get the final number one seed after North Carolina, UConn, and Oklahoma? If so what region will they be in?

Should I Buy 'Em?
I think in the end, the Spartans will be a #2 seed. With that in mind, I can only hope that they end up in the Midwest Region. You see, your blogger lives in the host city for the Midwest Regional Finals, Indianapolis. Tickets are $120 for the weekend and I am thinking about getting two. Should I pull the trigger?

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Tomorrow - Look for little tid bits here and there until next Monday. I may take a short break while the Spartans are off.

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