Sunday, December 21, 2008

Returning Starters

It's day number two of my blog and I thought I would run down my thoughts on the returning starters. I know, they aren't all starters, but they are starter quality.

1) Travis Walton - The Mateen-like emotional leader of this team (without the offense and ball handling abilities of course). He has always been one of my favorite players because of his passion for winning. His biggest game so far this year was MSU's worst against Maryland. He looks to have worked on his shooting in the offseason.
What announcers like to say about him: He's the strongest guy on the team. He benches over 300lbs!

2) Goran Suton - Both the MVP and most undervalued player on this team. He was the Big Ten's third leading rebounder last year and didn't even get honorable mention despite also having solid offensive contributions. This team needs him to play well in order to be competitive with national powerhouses like Carolina and UConn.
What my friends call him: Moron Suton

3) Raymar Morgan - The most talented player on the squad. When he plays well, MSU nearly always wins. Their record is 15-3 when he scores more than 15 points. The problem is that their record is probably 3-25 when he doesn't. Everyone knows that he disappears in the limelight. He is very turnover prone and commits the dumbest fouls I have ever seen. I could do without his whinny reactions after EVERY foul he commits.
What announcers say about him: Best NBA prospect

4) Kalin Lucas - The speedy PG that has all of the talent that Travis Walton is lacking. He played out of his mind last year, but is off to a rough season so far. He is in danger of having the worst offseason regression in modern day Spartan basketball. Right now he can't hit a shot, but is still taking care of the ball very effectively. Even if he turns his season around right now, I don't think he will live up to some people's projections of him being a second or third team All-American.
What announcers say about him: He's fast!

5) Chris Allen - The fearless chucker who never saw a shot that he didn't like. This year he seems to be less confident and has stuggled so far. He is by far the best shooter on this team and once he gets on track, we will be hard to beat. I don't think it is coincidence that his two best games ever were against UNC and Memphis. Both blowouts that required him to be in the lineup. Izzo should award his new haircut with more PT.
What announcers say about him: He's a pure shooter.


Has anyone ever noticed how MSU basketball stories get recycled over and over. For instance, check out this AP story in USA Today stating that Justin Mason suffered his head laceration as a result of an Idong Ibok screen. Anyone who watched the game, clearly saw that Mason ran into one of his own teammates. Do these guys watch the games? Did Mitch Albom contribute to this story and report seeing J-Rich there?

See the Summers three pointer here

Quote of the Day:

"Free-throw shooting is like throwing strikes, or a quarterback who can't hit open people. It gets in your head. It is a problem. I don't feel like we're Memphis, and we can overcome it. We have to be better at it." - Coach Izzo

Yeah, unfortunately, we aren't Memphis. They could dominate teams despite shooting below 50% at the line. We also don't have an entire team that poops ice cream.

I'll get into the returning bench players and more randomness.

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