Monday, December 22, 2008

The Diaper Dandies

On to the freshman......

1) Delvon Roe - One of the most heralded freshmen that MSU has landed this decade. He turned down Carolina to come here and the Spartan faithful are excited to see him at his best. The question is when will this be? After his devistating knee injury last year and then an injury to the other knee in the offseason, I wasn't very optomistic about him contributing to this team right away. But, he has given the team some solid minutes so far. He is a surprisingly good rebounder and with each game you can see his offensive skills becoming more polished. Hopefully he fully recovers and can get back to doing this.

For some reason Delvon reminds me of Andre Hutson. They don't play the same position, but they are both long and left handed. They both can handle the ball relatively well for big men.

2) Korie Lucious - Personally, my favorite freshman this year. Unlike the poll posted on this site, I think that he is the most game ready of all the freshman. I think this guy has extremely good ballhandling skills. He can get the ball up the court just as fast as Lucas and may be the best passer on the entire team. His entry passes into the post are amazing. Sure, he turns the ball over some, but he's a freshman. After the IPFW game, I thought that he was going to take some of Walton's PT, but then Walton had the big game against Maryland and the rest was history. I'm sure that Lucious is going to have a big game at some point this year, but he will need to see the floor more in order to make it happen.

3) Draymond Green - The hefty one from SagNasty who put in time over the summer to lose some weight. He has been extremely efficient with his limited PT providing solid defense and rebounding. I'm not sure what his role is going to be on this team, but I hope that he continues to push away from the table so that he maintains a respectable weight.

Randomness: I try to stick to only basketball on this blog, but I couldn't ignore Joe Rexrode's article with the latest edition update on the football team beating of a MSU hockey player. If the lawyer's account is true, then why aren't the suspects charged with breaking and entering also? It says throughout the story that they were intruders.

It is extremely hard to believe what the lawyer is selling. How could any institution allow this behavior without kicking anyone involved out of school? Even Ohio State wouldn't tolerate this if it were true. We will have to see how things turn out.

Tomorrow: I'll dive into my thoughts on Coach Izzo. See why we share a love/hate relationship.

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