Saturday, December 27, 2008

Oakland Prediction

Oakland Prediction:

Having went to the game last year at the Breslin, this game is very concerning. The Grizzlies played us extremely tough and if it weren't for Goron Suton, we would have been embarrassed. So now, one year later, the two teams will face off again but this time in a half-empty NBA arena. The perfect set-up for an upset. In fact, Oakland upset a talented Oregon team around this time last year.

The problem is that while Oakland is very offensive minded, I don't think that they have the firepower that they have had in the past. It will take a very efficient offense to beat the Spartans today and a stiffling defense to create a bunch of Spartan turnovers. Both of which, I don't think are capable of.

The Spartans should establish an up tempo pace early. Their transition game should exploit the advantage they have regarding athletism. They will also have to dominate on the boards in order to win this game. They must avoid playing at the level of the Grizzlies.

In the end, I see the Spartans holding on and winning unimpressively. I think this game will be closer to an upset than it will be a blowout. If I was a bookie, I would give the Spartans +5.
My Prediction: MSU 72-65

My Prediction: MSU 72-65


Jon in Owosso, MI writes:

....I have heard that [Kampe] is really good friends with Coach Izzo. Can you add an info on this or anything about Kampe's afro, did he always have one, how much product does he use in it.

First of all, Izzo is apparently friends with everyone. He plays on the road at IPFW because for some reason he is "really good friends with the Fife's." Is that why Dane went to Indiana? Because Izzo and his dad were good friends? It's probably better that he went there anyway.

Secondly, Kampe doesn't have an afro. His hair is just nappy. Someone needs to tell him that if he wants to pick up college chicks, he needs to hit aftergame parties and drink plenty of Natural Lite.

Thanks for the email.

Tomorrow: I will try and run down the game, but unfortunately, I can't watch it as I don't live in Michigan and don't get FSN Detroit. I don't know why this isn't also on the BTN. Fox has ownership in both so it should be on. Bastards!

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