Monday, February 2, 2009

MSU Basketball Notes

Michigan State Basketball Notes
1) Rankings - The Spartans slipped to number 13 in the AP and 14 in the ESPN/USA Today. Purdue is ranked one spot ahead of them in both polls which is appropriate. They are playing really good basketball right now.
2) Suton Hyperextends Right Knee - It happened early in practice yesterday forcing him to sit out. He says that it is fine and he will play against Minnesota. He had surgery on his left knee earlier in the year. The story can be found here.
3) Thornton to Get More Minutes - Joe Rexrode reports here that due to the absence of Raymar Morgan, Izzo is preparing Austin Thornton to play more. Why? I would just stick with the 8 guys that we currently have. Either go big with Gray or Ibok, or go small with Summers or Allen. I don't think that we need to throw a scrub into the mix. The offense is already inconsistent as it is.
4) 95% Chance Morgan Will Sit Out This Week - And my takes are correct 60% of the time, every time.
5) Isaiah Dahlman - Apparently he hurt his ankle in warmups and Izzo says that he will be out for "weeks". Insert panic statement and stat that says Spartans are X-0 in games in which Dahlman plays.
6) BTN's Tom Hamilton is the Anti-Karma - Brent Yarina of the BTN points out how coworker Tom Hamilton has been present during the last three huge Michigan State upsets on his blog here.

"Last night, I was watching ESPN and they were talking about the best point guards in the country and the mentioned Kalin Lucas, but I did not hear my name" Battle said. "It gave me something to work for. It keeps me going. It makes me want to go out and play well. People talk about him as one of the best point guards in the country and I wanted to show I belong in that category and that is what I did here today." -- Talor Battle after the Penn State victory.

To Quote Bob Richie, "It's not cocky... if you back it up."

"Almost every year, Michigan State enters the season with a great chance to win the Big Ten. Almost every year, MSU is very good. And every year, the Spartans fall short of the title."
--Michael Rosenburg, The Detroit Free Press.

That's Rediculous
1) Bud Selig Highest Paid Non-Yankee in Baseball in 2007 - Behind Jason Giambi, A-Rod, and Jeter. His income was 18.35 million.
2) Green Bay Students Rush the Court After Win Against Butler - Seems to be a bit much.
3) Porn Clip Shown During Superbowl in Arizona - Story can be found here. Porn enthusiests everywhere were upset because it only affected standard broadcast televisions and not those in HD.
4) Richard Dean Anderson on Saturday Night Live - What the hell happened to this guy? I didn't even think it was him at first. Hey RDA, Kirstie Alley thinks you have let yourself go. Check him out in the clip below about 33 seconds in.

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