Friday, January 9, 2009

MSU Notes

MSU Related News:
1) Izzo plans on pushing the ball against Kansas - Stated in the LSJ. The article can be found here. Coach Izzo stated that we will see a Lucious and Lucas lineup also.

2) Izzo thinks some recruits are wrongly advised regarding the Spartan offense - The same article discusses how some recruits are turned off by MSU's traditional offense. There is no question that certain kids don't want to go to Michigan State because of this. Even though we lead the Big Ten in scoring, I wouldn't say that we are an offensive powerhouse. We have the capability to put big numbers on the scoreboard, but I'm not sure if we can do it consistently. For better or worse, we win games by solid defense and great rebounding. That is Michigan State. So, instead of trying to convince people otherwise, he should just promote these aspects of the team.

3) The Morris Peterson jersey retirement not likely to happen - The Detroit News is reporting that the uncertainty is based on Peterson's practice schedule. The Hornets have a game on Friday night and then a Saturday morning practice.

Other Notes:
1) Interesting recruiting analysis - Someone at the University of Minnesota did a great analysis on Big Ten basketball recruiting over the last 10 years. It can be found here. It essentially shows which teams were the most successful in recruiting top 100 athletes and which teams got the most out of their talent. Michigan State leads the list in the number of top 100 players which is good, but unfortunately, they are tied for the second best conference record during this time period. This website also validates Wisconsin as the most overachieving team in the Big Ten with only landing 11 top 100 players in the last year but still finishing at the top of the conference.

2) Florida Gators win their second national championship in 3 years - Led by Tim Tebow, the Gators captured another BCS championship. I found it hard to really get into this game. Maybe it was because it was played a week after New Year's Day. I don't know. Anyways, is anyone turned off by Tim Tebow's super Christian-ness? Here is an article for you from The Enlightened Spartan. They refer to Tim Tebow as the anti-Brittney Spears. His girlfriend (pictured to the right) doesn't look like the anti-Brittney.

3) Mick McCabe thinks recruits are taking their school decision announcements to far - Can be found here. I don't disagree with him, but I think it is just part of the spectacle that the media drives. Also, on some level, it has happened for decades. Do you remember in Greatest Stories of Michigan State Basketball when they showed Magic's press conference? That seemed like a big deal to me.

That's Ridiculous:
1) Bill Romanowski inquires about the Denver Broncos head coaching job - He'll get that job right after Pac Man Jones is named VP of operations.

2) Woman cheats on same man she received a kidney from - What a dirtbag! The man is getting a divorce and says that he wants the kidney back or the cash equivalent which he says is 1.5 million dollars. Couldn't these guys just have waited to announce this on Jerry Springer? Link is here.

Tomorrow - Kansas Preview

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